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The onset of symptoms typically occurs in young adulthood and may go undiagnosed for a lifetime.

The lipophobes have merely been replaced by carbophobes. In others, the disease has reached a severe state, which dramatically interferes with their progress and usually stalls it completely.

I have many clients from academic circles, many clients that are very successful financially and in their each respective field, but some were complete idiots with regards to their training before they came to me. Only then can we hope to make an informed choice, we reason. Finally, that which we perceive as a good and informed choice is often the complete opposite, usually the result of whatever fad routine is trendy at the moment. All of them suffer to varying degrees of the debilitating disorder known as fuckarounditis. Today you shall find out if there is cause for alarm.

The problem at the core of the fuckarounditis epidemic is the overabundance of information we have available to us. Sometimes we do a little bit of everything – “can’t be bad trying to be ‘well-rounded’ now, can it? When it comes to strength training, the right choices are limited and uncomplicated. Sure enough, there’s diet-related fuckarounditis; people who live in the fear of insulin faeries, avoid carbs like the plague for a few days and then binge the hell out of a few boxes of cereal, and never manage to get lean, for example. Keep in mind that this is a disease that sneaks up on you and then progresses gradually.

Fuckarounditis is a behavioral disorder characterized by a mediocre physique and complete lack of progress, despite significant amounts of time spent in the gym.

Fuckarounditis most commonly manifests itself as an intense preoccupation with crunches, curls, cable movements, belts, gloves, balance boards, Swiss Balls and Tyler Durden.

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Ultimately, it boils down to your results and whether your progress is reasonable relative to the time you put in. After all, there needs to be some overarching and objective way of judging whether you are afflicted or not.